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By empowering people to innovate, we can grow total U.S. productivity 3% a year, pay off our debts, protect the environment, and live prosperous and purposeful lives

To overcome our debts and start creating value again, an America dedicated to innovation would advance ten principles:

1. SET A NATIONAL GOAL.  Target a 3% annual gain in overall productivity in public policy, not as a singular mandate, but as a target to guide our progress.

2. SET SECTOR GOALS.  Leading companies in each sector set their own goals, in consultation with experts and stakeholders, that support 3% national gain.

3. UNLEASH PEOPLE.  Cut public and private barriers to individual enterprise, especially small business and microenterprise

4. REFORM TAXES.  Stop taxing jobs, growth, and prosperity – tax pollution instead

5. WIND DOWN SUBSIDIES.  Stop subsidizing the past – wean us off unnecessary spending

6. INCREASE RESEARCH.  Fund R&D for the future – especially basic and applied research with broad multi-sector benefits – to drive both incremental and breakthrough resource gains

7. PROTECT AIR, WATER, AND LAND.  Reduce environmental and climate risks, and use the market to foster conservation and stewardship, such as through prices on pollution

8. RENEW CITIES AND COMMUNITIES.   Reform outdated codes and end barriers to small business, microenterprise, and the sharing economy to revitalize big cities, small towns, and local communities

9. REFORM GOVERNANCE.  Move beyond gridlock, toward government that is democratic, accessible, functional, and free

10. INCLUDE EVERYONE.  Celebrate the capacities of all people in all their diversity, respecting and welcoming women and men, gay and straight, minorities and majorities to contribute fully, without prejudice

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