Proven Principles



  • šPersonal FREEDOM
  • šEconomic and Social ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  • šINNOVATION and Value Creation

We don’t impose litmus tests to narrow our base to a set of true believing ideologues. We seek systemic solutions that can earn the support of a broad base. Not watered-down middle of the road compromises, but smart solutions that EMPOWER people to overcome challenges.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We support spending within our means, not burdening our children and grandchildren with bills that are rightly ours. We explore reforms in entitlement programs that assure that commitments to this and future generations are sustainably met.

CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENT. We recognize that as far as possible, power is to reside with the people, not with the government, and that governing should be done at the most local level where it can be held accountable.

FREE MARKET ECONOMICS. We value the system that for over two centuries has made America an economic superpower, enabling generations of Americans to discover and advance their purpose, make their contributions, and so enable others to do the same. We explore policies that reduce barriers to individual enterprise, small enterprise, innovation and sustainable growth.

A PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS. We recognize that when economic inequality is extreme – when millions of hard-working Americans have trouble making ends meet while others enjoy compensation far beyond their contribution – that life, liberty, peace and prosperity are at risk. We explore free market reforms that reduce unjust inequalities, and restore both the faith and the reality that those who pursue their purpose and contribute their ideas and initiative will be rewarded for their contributions.

LOWER TAXES AND SPENDING. We recognize that deficit spending is a form of taxation without representation. We look for ways to reduce taxes to the middle class and poor, especially payroll and income taxes; reduce or eliminate business taxes on small domestic businesses; gradually phase-out government subsidies that artificially support favored industries and interest groups.

MARKET-BASED ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. We know that when profits are privatized but pollution is socialized and subsidized, the environment and public health are placed at risk. We know that as these risks mount, they may become threatening to life as a whole. We explore policies that put an affordable, revenue-neutral price on pollution, and that use market signals to drive pollution down. We seek to dedicate 100% of these revenues to reduce taxes, especially taxes on prosperity, like income, payroll, and profits.

LEGAL AND REGULATORY REFORM. We recognize that laws and regulations are sometimes needed, when they reduce costs to life, liberty, health and well-being. We also know that many laws and regulations are established to protect established political interests, while others may initially be justified, but grow costly and ineffective, or are co-opted over time. We oppose these examples of regulatory excess and “crony capitalism.” We explore reform of laws that do not serve the legitimate purposes for which they were established.


VALUING MARRIAGE AND FAMILIES. We recognize the importance of strong, healthy marriages and families. We know from experience that healthy families take many forms, but that what they share is the commitment of parents to love their children, and raise them to be strong, capable, responsible adults, able to pursue their purpose, and contribute to their families and communities when their own opportunity comes. Marriage equality is the future; the path to it will include civil unions and other steps.  What is most important in defining a healthy family is the mutual commitment of parents to carry out their responsibilities to one another and their children with genuine dedication, commitment, hard work, and joy.