Clear Objectives

Our MISSION is to empower people – not government, and not vested interests, whether corporate, labor, professional, or institutional.

Our GOAL is a party that has earned the ability to restore a Republican to the White House in 2016 and 2020

To advance that goal, we will work to restore the Republican brand. To inspire independents, young, women, minorities, and disappointed Democrats. To stay true to core Republican principles: freedom, enterprise, innovation, fiscal responsibility. To advance refreshing new approaches on marriage, immigration, environment, and prosperity.

Our POLITICAL OBJECTIVES are to earn the support of 5 groups: independents, young, women, minorities, and disappojnted Democrats – not through rhetoric, but principled action.

Our POLICY OBJECTIVES are to empower people to achieve a 3% annual gain in total productivity – to pay down America’s debts, create jobs, protect the environment, and enable prosperity not just here but around the world